GULF oils and lubricants



Gulf is an international producer and supplier of fuels and lubricants for industry, business and end-user markets. Gulf is present in more than 100 countries all over the world.

The name of Gulf Oil has been synonymous with motor sport for almost 40 years and no other oil company can boast Gulf’s record of success. Over the last 40 years Gulf has partnered with many famous sports car manufacturers, these include Porsche, Audi, McLaren, and Aston Martin amongst others, especially in the infamous Le Mans 24hr.
Since the foundation of the company in 1901 in Texas, the company has focused on growth and innovation. More than a hundred years later it remains committed to those same ideas – quality, innovation and attention to the needs to the markets it serves. Gulf is a large and growing family of companies, united under the common and famous symbol, the Gulf Brand. The Gulf Orange Disc logo is one of the most widely recognized oil company trademarks.
Lubricants for the European market are produced at the Gulf Oil recognized lubricant blending plant in The Netherlands. Gulf has a very large variety of products for use in your business. These are supported by technical services from Gulf engineers and problem solvers. There are now products suitable for use in almost every type of vehicle and machine. The range includes products compliant with the latest specifications, products with top-performance, and more economical and robust products suitable for use in older equipment. The best technicians work constantly to maintain and improve the quality of our oil products
All Gulf's products are made to exacting quality standards. Click here to access the ISO 9001 Quality Certificates.
Gulf Oil Brand celebrates more than 100 Years:

Gulf in Middle East in short, from 1901 years:
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