FLEETGUARD FILTERS FOR Construction and Mining

Cummins Filtration through its Fleetguard products ensures that construction equipment performs with ‘Real’ efficiency at any jobsite by applying latest technology to the design and manufacture of filters. For construction, these are few of the applications Cummins Filtration has product lines for: Ariel lifts: bore/drill Rigs Ariel lifts; cranes; excavators; forklifts; tractors/loader; utility vehicles/off highway tractors; pavers; scrapers; finishing equipment.

Cummins Filtration makes a wide variety of Fleetguard products that are used in various Mining applications: cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, forklifts, graders, mixers, material handling equipment, forestry equipment, underground mining equipment, etc.
For the correct filter selection You need, please contact your Client Service manager, or by e-mail info@vetoil.lt or via web site contact information.