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Bardahl has been a winning name in motor sport with planes, boats, motorcycles and cars for more than half a century.

It was actually in 1939, over sixty years ago that Ole Bardahl, a Norwegian immigrant to the United States, had the idea that shifted the limits of engine performance. He realized that the molecular construction of motor oils could be modified with an additive, which would make it cling to moving parts.
Ole Bardahl changed all that with the discovery of ‘Polar Attraction’ such that these regular hydrocarbon oil molecules are combined with other base elements to alter their molecular structure. Molecules take on an electrical charge and fasten themselves tightly on any oppositely charged metal molecule.
In this way a microscopically thin, but extremely durable, film of lubrication is held magnetically in place against the metal, thereby insulating the surface against friction, heat and water.
Over the years, Bardahl increased its global presence and can now be found in more than 80 countries throughout the world. Today, Bardahl global group ranks amongst the top ten producers in the world. The goal of the company was to provide all types of industry with specialty lubricants that were superior to those currently available.
Throughout the years Bardahl became involved in various types of racing, using events as proving grounds for its products, as well as for the new technologies produced by the company's research and development arm. Types included Unlimited Hydroplanes, Offshore Powerboats, Unlimited Airplane Racing, INDY cars and CART Racing, NASCAR, Motorcycle and Snowmobile racing, to name a few. In its lifetime Bardahl has expanded its product line to include more than 250 different products, including engine oils, motor oil and fuel additives, and specialty lubricants. The company also expanded to foreign markets, opening plants in countries such as France, Mexico and Brazil. The plant in Toluca Mexico is the largest of all.
Bardahl is backed by a global network of distributors throughout 80 countries under several different brands such as Bardahl, and Motron. Formulations meet or exceed OEM Top Tier Performance requirements for the automotive industry: Audi - BMW - Chrysler - Citroen - Ferrari - Fiat - Ford - GM - Honda - Hyundai - Mazda - Mercedes - Mitsubishi - Peugeot - Renault Volkswagen.
Constant laboratory research and vehicle testing in the field underpin Bardahl expertise. Several car manufactures and importers such as Peugeot, Citroen and VW- Audi have chosen Bardahl to produce exclusive maintenance products under their own brand name.
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