About Us



JSC VETOIL is one of JSC ADAMPOLIS Group companies supplying the best quality products: oils and lubricants, different filters and auto chemistry.
JSC VETOIL is included in the official lists of approved suppliers – Public Procurement Office certificate number - TS-2541.
In our company works energetic, ambitious, innovative, young but together and experienced specialists.
Our goal is to suggest for every client the best decision to him that can save his time and money. And also supply only famous, tested and reliable in all the world products, such like: GULF oils and lubricants, FLEETGUARD filters and BARDAHL auto chemistry. These products manufacturing companies are market leaders in their field, having more than few decades or even more than century (like GULF oil) experience, and these products can be found world-wide.
It is excellent experience of using these products and in Lithuania. A lot of years JSC ADAMPOLIS use GULF oils and lubricants in new and used MAN trucks and buses; also use FLEETGUARD filtration products and BARDAHL auto chemistry in this technique.
We want to help you to save your time and cost not only choosing realable lubrication, filtration and autochemistry products from one and the same supplier but also suggesting confortable used oils, filters, batteries, absorbers and other hazardous waste collection.
ECO S is JSC VETOIL brand, presenting a systematic environmental solutions and services for businesses and farmers - environmental consultancy, accounting and waste management. Hazardous Waste license No. 000747.
Please, contact us via contacts in web site or via your Client Service manager. We will provide you with a professional consultation, suggest the best decision for you and offer best prices.
We hope pleasant and beneficial cooperation!